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Footage has emerged of Merivale CEO Justin Hemmes chloe handbags outlet cyber monday ordering a strip search of one of his employees, Chloe outlet online cyber monday who was expected of stealing money from the company.

The CCTV film came to light following reports late last year that the employee in question was filing a lawsuit against Hemmes chloe outlet 2015 cyber monday over the incident.

In the video, a security guard can be seen to be blocking the exit while Hemmes orders the employee to strip and another guard conducts the chloe online outlet store cyber monday search.

But is there ever a situation wherein strip chloe outlet cyber monday searching an employee is appropriate?

HC spoke to Michael Michalandos, partner at Baker & McKenzie, about the legal context of Hemmes' actions.

"An employer can require an employee to comply chloe outlet stores cyber monday with a direction which is lawful and reasonable and also has a right to take steps to prevent its property from being illegally removed from the workplace," he explained.

"Reasonable directions may extend to basic and non-invasive searches of an employee or an employee's property, where there the employer chloe handbags outlet online cyber monday has good grounds to believe that the employee is concealing stolen property."

Michalandos added that an employer may also require an employee to answer reasonable questions about their conduct.