Specialist Curriculum

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Mason Noise does not lack confidence wholesale chloe handbags cyber monday and his energy really shone on the stage. Love or hate him, he can sing and you will all remember him after that.

Everytime I see Bupsi the more I am wholesale chloe cyber monday growing to like her. Tonight, I warmed to her even more. This girl can sing, I mean really sing. I really hope she gets through.

The same goes for Ben Clark, great singer, very cheap wholesale chloe handbags cyber monday likeable and deserves another chance.

Unless something goes miraculous wrong, after that showing 4th Power are not only going to sail through this, they are going to reach the live shows. Bold statement but 4th Power are amazing, absolutely amazing,

At their first audition, The First Kings blew us all away wholesale cheap chloe handbags cyber monday. Now laid bare, without the screens and dancers, they were vocally very good but I did agree with Cheryl, it was all very 90's. Still think these lads are ones to watch.

Holly Johnson looks and sounds great, wholesale replica chloe handbags cyber monday in an open overs category, she really stands out. I really hope the judges pick her. Brilliant vocal.

Ankush Khanna was much better than the judges gave him credit for. I thought he did really well and you could hear the potential. Keep smiling Ankush cheap wholesale replica chloe handbags cyber monday.

From day one Jennifer Phillips has wowed me, not only with her voice but her warm personality. If I had an overs shortlist for the live shows, her name would be on it.