Specialist Curriculum

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What's this, some tired old talent chloe factory outlet cyber monday show or Game of Thrones? "It's make or break," says one interchangeable performer. "This is the biggest day of my life," declares another. "My whole life depends on this performance," states yet another, and they're deadly serious. Wrong, of course, but deadly chloe outlet online cyber monday serious.

This year, Boot Camp comes in three parts, each more dramatic than the last. Last week, the acts split off into groups of mixed very mixed abilities chloe outlet store cyber monday. Next week, it's the nasty but entertaining Six Chair Challenge. For this new middle bit, they're on their own, and it's all a bit Judges' Houses, in that they're performing in an immaculately landscaped garden full of twinkly lights, and the judges are wearing sunglasses and not saying much to the contenders' faces, but slagging them off quite a bit behind their backs.

Clearly, some two-bit feng shui expert or other has chloe outlet sale 2015 cyber monday worked out how to inflict maximum psychological warfare on the dozens of wannabes inside, where they wait before their auditions, they're crammed into a small room like cattle, if cattle had a plasma screen where they could watch other cattle singing, and outdoors, in the middle of vast expanses of greenery, cheap chloe outlet bags cyber monday there's an unnecessarily huge stage, in front of which sit the four judges. Presenters Olly Murs and Caroline Flack ruin the dramatic effect somewhat, as they loiter pointlessly by some bushes, whooping or looking a bit worried depending on how things are going, but it was worth it for how annoyed Caroline looked when flamboyantly useless Andre Batchelor called her "Auntie Carol".