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To begin with, Chloe is a dog, not a human chloe outlet sale 2015 cyber monday. What's more, she's an obscenely cute two-year-old miniature French bulldog with fur the color of freshly poured cappuccino and a face that's as smug as it squished. Her expression insists that she's aware you're staring at her, a canine version of Kim Kardashian's red carpet Cheshire grin.

Chloe's handle on Instagram, where she has just under 50,000 followers, is @chloetheminifrenchie, and if she's not quite as famous as Grumpy Cat yet, she's working on it, with some help from her momager. "Being an entrepreneur and being alone all the time, I wanted a cute little thing to keep me company," cheap chloe outlet cyber monday says Edwards, whose outfit, a white lace Zara dress, complements Chloe's own. "But it became more than me and my friends following her — there were strangers appreciating her cuteness."