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Welcome to the decorator and furniture fake chloe bags cyber monday designer's Paris home, where Sputnik chandeliers meet brass grasshoppers, Cubism sits next to Cocteau-ism, and the party never ends.

''IT'S LIKE THE TITANIC,'' Vincent Darré announces, fake chloe bags for china cyber monday describing his most recent project, the Montana hotel, in the St.-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood of Paris. The night before, the French fashion-house veteran turned decorator and furniture designer finished up at 4 a.m. only to discover cheap fake chloe bags cyber monday the next morning that one of the enormous chandeliers had come crashing down. ''It will never be finished!'' shrieks Darré, who has a flair for the dramatic fake chloe bags for sale cyber monday.

His penchant for theatrics is immediately apparent on entering his jewel box apartment on the elegant Rue de Bellechasse, which Darré has infused with his high-voltage, maximalist style. The entry is wallpapered in bright orange botanical cheap fake chloe bags online cyber monday prints of his own design, the carpet features a Moorish architecture motif and there's a huge Sputnik chandelier he found at the Marché aux Puces. In his study, the upholstery and curtains are made from fabric printed with a surrealist pattern, created from his sketches, of flying buttresses, pyramids and columns. Glass cloches housing brass insects and anatomical models line the shelves and fill tabletops. Daliesque lights featuring lips, mechanical hands and eyeballs pop out from various corners fake chloe bags online cyber monday. The apartment is a cabinet of curiosities but also a design laboratory for Maison Darré, the gallery he opened on the Rue du Mont Thabor in 2008. Darré has objects ''live'' here before they make it onto the selling floor.