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Each year Metepenagiag hosts 4(four) major events, those of which include: Annual Powwow, The Annual Trout Derby, National Aboriginal Day and St. Anne's Day. The Red Bank First Nation takes great pride in these events. Aboriginal people from many Nations gather at Metepenagiag to commemorate their culture, heritage, and the way of life.

Metepenagiag is known as the largest salmon fishing capital on the beautiful Miramichi, thus, tourists from all over the world share in the agricultural wealth of Red Bank.

Metepenagiag is a spiritual and mystical place where our ancestory comes alive and the feeling of culture embodies us a native people. We encourage respect, tradition, and conservation amongst our fellow natives, in the hopes that Mother Earth will be good to us while we are here on Earth. We welcome you to come and experience our rich ancient ways, and the culture that is so important to us as Mi'kmaq people.

Annual Trout Derby
Victoria Day long weekend in May
Red Bank Fisheries (506) 836-6134 or (506) 836-6111

Metepenagiag Pow Wow
Late June-Early July
Anna Ward (506) 836-6106 or (506) 836-6111

St.Anne Mass
Administration (506) 836-6111

Annual Michael Augustine/Donald Ward Memorial
Golf Tournament
Late June
Pam Ward (506) 836-6118 or (506) 836-6146