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Metepenagiag Heritage Park

The Metepenagiag Mi'kmag Nation is undertaking the development of the development of the Metepanagiag Heritage Park, with the primary objective of protecting and presenting the national significance of Augustine Mound and Oxbow National Historic Sites of Canada (NHSC) - two of the most outstanding Aboriginal heritage archaeological sites in Eastern Canada. As part of this endeavour, a planning and design program for the Park is underway.

The types of experiences provided to visitors and the proposed communication tools will reflect the contrasting nature of the historical and present-day experiences of Metepenagiag and its people. Visitors to the Park will enjoy it through a visit scenario composed of three primary interrelated components: exhibits (including exterior viewing deck), multimedia theatre presentation, and an exterior interpretive trail. Visitors will be able to freely wander among these, exept for the fixed schedule of the multimedia presentation.

In keeping with the preceding, therefore, program development will follow a holistic approach in designing media options for communicating the messages of national significance. This will ensure that visitors' experiences are diverse and engaging. It will also assist visitors to more fully understand, appreciate, and enjoy the complexity and uniqueness of Metepenagiag and the Mi'kmaq. This will be particularly important and challenging since both the Augustine Mound and Oxbow Sites are located across the river from where the Centre will be located; and visitors will not have direct access to either site. Moreover, the Miramichi River system- particularly Metepenagiag's location at the head of tide - is the point of reference for the Mi'kmaq of Metepenagiag. This concept will be reinforced throughout the visitor experience, both within the Centre and on the exterior grounds. Alternative interpretations and perspectives will also be presented, which will allow visitors to draw their own conclusions or encourage them to independently explore more fully the topic.

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